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Sly Stallone talks EXPENDABLES 3 – "We need new blood"

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Man, I loved the second Expendables film last year. It was a massive improvement on the first one, was balls to the wall action and made Jean Claude Van Damme cool again. As with anything successful in Hollywood, a third film was in the planning stages well before the first sequel started making money.

Sylvester Stallone will once again write the script for this proposed film, and he’s got a few updates to share about it.

Tweeting about his ideas for the third movie, Stallone mentioned that he has  “mountains of surprises,” planned for it. He also added that the film was going to need some newer, younger faces, something that kind of flies in the spirit of the old dogs at war of the previous two films. That, and wheeling Chuck Norris out from his retirement village is expensive:


And hopefully not red shirt material like what happened with Liam Hemsworth. Also, I fall in that age bracket. Pick me Stallone, I’ll fill in your annoying Rob Schneider sidekick role easily, I bets ya. As for which other action movie veterans would be showing up, Stallone confirmed that he was talking to legendary Kung Fu master for a cameo. As for Steven Seagal, there’s no chance of him appearing alongside his numerous stunt doubles;

I’m looking forward to this next film, provided that Stallone isn’t directing it. And that I don’t have to see the return of Mickey Rourke’s face in 3D.



Last Updated: March 13, 2013

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