Sony making a female-led superhero movie in the Spider-Man universe. Plus, is Carnage on the way?!

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After a below average Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Rotten Tomatoes has it at 53%, the lowest rating for any Spider-Man movie) that still managed to bring in $92 million in its début weekend, Sony has been a bit flummoxed about what to do next with their franchise. And their “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach appears to be continuing.

Deadline is reporting that Sony is looking at creating a female superhero movie in the same universe for 2017. The studio certainly has the time to do this with recent news that the next Amazing Spider-Man will now be released in 2018 – two years after the also newly rescheduled The Sinister Six (directed by Drew Goddard) arrives

Much like Marvel is expanding their franchise through other beloved characters, Sony would certainly be upping the ante by having the first female-led movie, especially considering the internet chatter/rage about equality every time a male-led Marvel movie rakes in the cash. But who would it be? No one knows yet, except for perhaps script writer Lisa Joy Nolan (Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, married to Christopher Nolan’s brother) but she hasn’t said anything so far.

I just can’t help thinking that perhaps they should make a decent Spider-Man movie BEFORE thinking of branching out, but then again I am rather biased as I really didn’t enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What do you think? A good idea? If so, who do you think would bring in the punters, and more importantly to the suits, the cash? Perhaps Spider-Woman*, Firestar or the rather new Silk?

But that’s not the only news tidbits for fans of arachnid-human hybrids dressed in their pyjamas though, because mentioned almost nonchalantly in that same news story, is the fact that Sony’s planned movie about Spidey villain Venom (to be written/directed by Alex Kurtzman and co-scripted by Ed Solomon) has now been retitled to Venom Carnage. This obviously will get fans salivating like a symbiote at the possibility that “lethal protector” Venom will in fact be facing off against his own crimson arch-enemy Carnage.


Nothing has been confirmed yet though, including Deadline’s assertion that that film will also be released in 2017, or whether Spider-Man will even feature in it at all. Marvel have already proven themselves very capable of producing two or three big superhero blockbusters in one year, but I’m not so sure the same can be said for Sony. They barely managed one this year.

*Despite their similar sounding names, Spider-Woman actually has absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man. She’s an Avenger and ex-Hydra agent named Jessica Drew, which should put her in the film rights domain of Marvel, but Sony may own the rights to anything named Spider-Whatever. Because of this, I doubt either Sony or Marvel would use her in any movie due to all the legal headaches that may ensue.

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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