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SPECTRE – So what did you think?

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This weekend past saw the release of what more than likely will end up being Daniel Craig’s last jaunt as James Bond, 007. Personally, I thought it was a good tenure-capper, but not quite a great one – and certainly a step back from Casino Royale and Skyfall – as the movie’s fantastic action set pieces, solid acting, and well thought out fan service, was slightly hamstrung by a bloated running time, wishy-washy plotting, weak characterization and the brilliant Christoph Waltz being criminally underutilized.

But as we’ve seen this past week in our Battle of the Bonds series, opinions on James Bond adventures can differ greatly depending on who you’re talking to. And right now, I want to talk to you guys that have also seen this movie to find out what you thought of it. Did you find it a licence to thrill? Maybe it left you unshaken and unstirred? Or maybe you’re still just wondering why Dave Bautista’ metal nails were never once seen again after that one instance?! Sound off in the comments below!


And remember, this is a discussion for people who have already seen the movie, so go ahead and talk about SPOILERS, particularly that one… Oh you know which one, I’m talking about! (And which, by the way, I’m not the biggest fan of, as I thought it was handled in a very predictable and underwhelming manner). If you haven’t seen the film yet, then please back away now. You have been warned, and if you come crying to me after, I will just point and laugh in your general direction.

Last Updated: November 30, 2015

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