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Spike looking to make a TV series adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST

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Spike TV has given the green-light to film a pilot for a new TV series based on the Stephen King novel The Mist, according to recent news from Deadline. No further information is otherwise known about this TV series, which will be produced by the Weinstein Company’s Dimension Television.

Not many of King’s novels will necessary lend themselves to a TV series, but The Mist is certainly one that I can see them expanding the premise and making something bigger out of it. Considering people die in the Mist and the plan is usually to escape from it, I’m interested to see what comes of this particularly series and how they adapt it for the TV audience, while maintaining a solid cast that doesn’t get killed off all the time.

The premise of The Mist is essentially centred on a small town that is suddenly enveloped in an unnatural fog that conceals otherworldly threats and risks the lives of everyone in the town.


Its also a work of King’s that should be fresh in the mind of most as it was recently adapted by Frank Durabot (Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption – both also based off King stories) in 2007, in what was actually quite a good take on the source material, but also featured one incredible twist ending of note. If you haven’t seen it and don’t mind getting creeped out, please do so soon, its highly recommended just for the ending alone.

No actors or directors for this have yet been announced, but we will likely start getting details on the series soon. This is just for a pilot, so Dimension Television will still need to produce the goods to see if it will be considered for further episodes.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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