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Stallone and co move over, here come the Expendables of MONSTER X

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Ensembles films! They’re the life blood of the industry. From the star-studded cast of the Avengers, to Sylvester Stallone and his buddies blasting their way out of a pension fund with explosives, all the way through to a crappy Valentines Day movie, more stars spells more cash.

So what’s next then? What kind of movie could draw legends from various corners of the globe together, into one action-packed two hour explosion of special effects and bloated budgets? Why, the supernatural denizens of Hotel Transylvania Monster X of course.

With most of Hollywood tinkering away on some sort of monster movie, now is a good time to be afraid of fire, silver bullets or Kervyn’s garlic breath. Ahmet Zappa has an idea for a monster flick that will bring all of the big guns from the last century of Hollywood together, with a little help from production studios Benderspink and Monsterfoot Productions.

The basic idea behind the proposed film is that Monster X will see ten (Romanus Eunt Domus!)  of the more well known monsters in history join forces to save mankind from a threat that is even greater than them. So kind of like the League of Extraordinary Abominations then. Zappa name-dropped The Avengers as a inspiration for the film, because connect to success yo.

While Zappa gets that film on the production way, he’ll also be working on two other Monster films for Disney, Monster Witness Relocation Program and The Monstrous Memoirs Of A Mighty McFearless. Methinks the man is obsessed with monsters.

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

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