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SUICIDE SQUAD tracking to break records – plus new character videos

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While a $872 million global gross would cause substantial celebration for most films and studios, it was somewhat of a disappointment for Warner Bros and Dc Comics, Batman v Superman: A Dawn of Justice. While the film likely still made a profit, it was meant to be the springboard for greater things to come in the DC Universe and get people excited for upcoming Justice League films. The studio was hoping the film would track closer to the $1 Billion mark and justify their substantial budget which was $250 million, excluding marketing costs.

However, there is some good news for the studio as analysts are predicting that the upcoming Suicide Squad is expecting to break records. According to The Hollywood Reporter the film is tracking for a debut of around $125-135 million and possibly even higher which would set the record for an August film release. The record is currently held by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy with a $94.3 million opening and if the film targets according to expectations, it would not just be a significant amount ahead of the record, but represent a nice psychological advantage over the studios Comic book rivals.

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And what makes these numbers even more impressive, is that this is just the expectations for the local US market and the film could likely earn even more on international markets. Now, I consider myself to be pretty good with numbers and mathematics, but have always failed to grasp imaginary numbers, so have no clue how the analysts get to their figures, but they are often surprisingly accurate and if so, that is a fantastic opening for a new comic book property.

There is still 3 weeks worth of marketing to go, so expect the noise on this film to sky rocket and these numbers to potentially jump too. To put the figures into perspective, the Deadpool behemoth that released earlier this year made $132 million in its opening. So, its right up there with one of the biggest films of the year, And while Marvel’s recent Captain America: Civil War did open to $179 million, its part of a well establish franchise, so not fair to compare the two films.

And part of what is making the interest for this film so high despite the lukewarm reception of the BvS film, is that people see Suicide Squad as almost a completely different and fresh film. While the characters link up to a greater cinematic universe, the tone and style of the film is looking vastly different and with a fresh focus on villains and their antics, it seems audiences aren’t worried about that last DC film with this one.

Meet the Suicide Squad

And I would say that these people are right. The film is in marketing overdrive at the moment and is definitely coming across as something completely fresh and different. And most importantly, fun. The following character videos were released recently by EW in anticipation of this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con (the only real one, in my opinion) and give us a nice introduction to the worst heroes ever and the mayhem they are likely to get up to in the film.

Now, that looks like a lot of fun. For me, Katana and the Joker are standing out as the most lethal and fun aspects of the team ,but I’m sure each of the characters will add their own uniqueness to the film. If the film is going to end up anything as good as the marketing is making it out to be, I’m sure it will be even exceeding those studio estimates.

So, which member of the Suicide Squad is your favourite?

Last Updated: July 19, 2016

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