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Sylvester Stallone just casually announced Demolition Man 2

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“Send a maniac to catch a maniac.”

Back in 1993, Sylvester Stallone uttered this infamous line right before he hopped out of a police chopper and into a fiery hellhole rife with murder, mayhem and gangs running riot in the heart of Los Angeles. A typical Tuesday, back then. Called Demolition Man, the Marco Brambilla-directed film arrived right at the peak Stallonassaince, a period of time that the infamous action star rebounding harder than a tennis ball attached to an industrial-grade length of rubber string as he once again became one of the biggest box office draws of all time.

On the opposite side of the morality spectrum, there was Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix. Bad to the bone and relishing every moment he was on the silver screen, Snipes was the perfect adversary in a war that spanned decades and saw the duo rekindle their conflict in age where the unthinkable had happened: Everyone was just so damn nice.

In an era where fast food jingles were on the top 20 charts and social distancing sex was predicted long before we knew what would hit us in 2020, Demolition Man arrived like an unhinged explosion factory and still survives to this day as the definitive 90s action movie blockbuster. It’s cheesy, it starred a young Sandra Bullock kicking ass as a naive cop and it convinced a generation that Pizza Hut would rule us all. Or Taco Bell, depending on the region. Them fast food wars!

The key takeaway with Demolition Man, is that it’s a done in one deal. It has a beginning, middle and end that is bound to leave you satisfied by the time the end credits roll over a wrecked cryogenics prison facility. Could you ever imagine a sequel though? What if you could return to San Angeles and take on a new breed of criminal tearing a path through the utopia of tomorrow? Sly Stallone doesn’t just think it can be done. He’s already involved in it.

Stallone let the news slip through his official Instagram account, that Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain picked up on:

Can we get another Demo Man? I think there is another one coming. We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. It’s looking fantastic. That’s going to happen.

OH HELL YES! For now, it’s just a pure nod from Stallone that the project is happening, with no indication of just how far in development it currently is. Chances are, Demolition Man 2 is most likely still in the scripting stage and I’m bloody fascinated to see a film in which I presume Stallone’s character of John Spartan is now the chief of police at the San Angeles police department. Something has gone wrong, and a new breed of maniac is going to need to be thawed out to help save the day.

Although at this point, I just want to know how the three seashells work, once and for all.

Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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