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Take a guess how many bullets James Bond has dodged in his entire career

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James Bond is the man. He’s the suave super-duper secret agent that we all wanted to be when we grew up, all thanks to his flippant attitude, Casanova skills and propensity to kick any ass that came his way.

He’s also the granddaddy of bullet-dodging, as his ability to avoid high velocity lead is second to none. So just how many bullets has Mr Connery/Lazenby/Moore/Dalton/Brosnan/Craig/ ducked in his life, over 22 movies?

According to the folks over at New Scientist, 007 has managed to avoid 4662 bullets.

To give that staggering amount of life-ending lead some context, the researchers uncovered what the chances actually were of all those bullets missing their secret agent target;

A static well-aimed shot would almost certainly have proved lethal, but assuming all 4662 were “on the run”, the probability of a single fatal shot is about 5 per cent. That is, the chance of a single shot missing is 0.95, and hence the probability of all shots missing is 0.954662 or 1.4 × 10-104, which is as close to zero as makes no difference.

Also sort of interesting, is that Bond has managed to murder 198 henchmen and villains, as well as several film careers. All that data comes from just the films however, and doesn’t include any expanded universe content from the games, comics and books.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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  1. Expected way more. I mean a Airsoft m249 carries 5000 rounds…and we go through a few of them every weekend..


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