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This teaser trailer for local film JAGVELD will have you staring at blood

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Local films are getting better at competing with their international counterparts in terms of quality and it’s something I am really excited about. However, despite the massive improvement in the quality of local films, it seems local audiences haven’t always been embracing these films as well as they perhaps should. Yes, almost every week we see a movie or two making an appearance in the local box office top 10, but most of those are often the Afrikaans romantic comedies or some other light-hearted slapstick comedy and not enough of the brilliant dramas and action movies we are starting to produce.

And one genre which is currently getting a lot of attention from local film-makers is horror movies. Although local directors are getting better at finding unique ways to scare us, few films have actually really hit the mark in this genre. One new local horror that is hoping to change that is Jagveld. And we have the first teaser trailer for the film to finally see what it’s all about.

This teaser trailer doesn’t actually reveal much nor come across as particularly scary, but it certainly does make you want to know more about what is going on and in that regard can be considered a success. As local films go, this is one of the few teasers that actually makes me want to know more about the movie.

The story of Jagveld centres on Emma le Roux, a primary school teacher who is on her way home to the family farm in the Great Karoo. Along the way she crosses paths with Bosman, the mastermind of a drug syndicate and his henchman, and witnesses the murder of a policeman at their hands. And unfortunately for her, they see her seeing them. They hunt her down but Emma is the daughter of Recce who has certain set of skills that they did not expect…

It’s nothing unique, but if everything is as well executed as this teaser, then it could be a lot more compelling than it sounds. The script was written by best-selling author, Deon Meyer and the cast includes popular local stars Neels van Jaarsveld, Bouwer Bosch, Leandie du Randt and Tim Theron.

UPDATE: A full trailer has now also been released and shows a lot more of the action.

Jagveld is scheduled for release on  Friday, 17 March 2017

Last Updated: March 22, 2017

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