The teaser trailer for the second half of Star Trek: Discovery season one reveals some intriguing possibilities

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Warning: This will obviously contain some spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery, and particularly the mid-season finale.

Star Trek: Discovery has certainly been divisive since it began airing if you read internet comment sections. I can agree with a few of the complaints but overall I’ve quite enjoyed its modernised take on the Star Trek universe, and particularly the fact that it has more relatable, imperfect characters. The first half of season one finished airing just last night, or Sunday night for US residents, with both a bang and a cliffhanger.

The bang being the destruction of the Ship of the Dead and the death of the Klingon warlord Kol (Kenneth Mitchell), presumably bringing an end to the Federation-Klingon war story arc in the process – particularly since the Federation now has the means to detect cloaked Klingon vessels. The cliffhanger is where it gets interesting, with the USS Discovery stranded in the unknown and surrounded by debris – lost in space, as it were.

CBS has wasted no time in releasing a brief teaser for episode ten, airing on 7 or 8 January 2018 depending on whether you watch it via CBS All-Access or Netflix respectively, which kicks off the second half of the first season. Let’s take a look:

Those final words in the teaser trailer are “the enemy is here”, but just who is the enemy and where is here?

There’s an intriguing fan theory around Tyler (Shazad Latif), the former Klingon prisoner recovered by Lorca, somehow also being Voq – the albino Klingon, and second-in-command to T’Kuvma (Chris Obi), who we last saw abandoned on the wreckage of the USS Shenzhou by Kol. Voq had a close relationship with L’Rell (Mary Chieffo), the female Klingon torturer who was brought aboard the Discovery as a prisoner and with whom Tyler also has a…complicated relationship… as told by his rapid PTSD-induced flashbacks during the mid-season finale. Is Tyler the enemy that’s here?

There is a precedent for this in Star Trek canon as a Klingon spy was disguised as a human in The Original Series and was only uncovered due to the hatred the cute, fluffy, and ridiculous Tribbles bear towards Klingons and freak out in the presence of them. Guess what Lorca (Jason Isaacs) casually had sitting on his desk in an earlier episode? If you didn’t guess “Tribble!” there will be trouble.

And as to where “here” is, Star Trek fans should also be aware of the so-called mirror universe, a parallel universe to the prime universe in which characters exist as opposing mirrors of themselves – with good characters being evil, and vice versa. The show has been teasing the existence of the mirror universe since the first time Stamets (Anthony Rapp) plugged himself into the spore drive.

Remember when he was recovering in the bath room, walked away from the mirror, and for a second his image remained behind and smirked? Then there was the time that he called Tilly (Mary Wiseman) captain after emerging from the drive, and finally in the mid-season finale Lorca confirmed he was mapping out the existence of parallel universes and ways of how to reach them.

And before anyone thinks to pipe up that the spore drive is a silly idea, I’d like to point out it’s actually canon. It was mentioned in Star Trek: Voyager, itself looking for a way to travel home from the Delta quadrant, as a failed propulsion experiment. I suspect Star Trek: Discovery is going to show us just how and why it failed.

All-in-all the show has set up an intriguing back half to its first season, with the ship lost and a potential enemy on board, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the show’s return in January. How about you?

Last Updated: November 14, 2017

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