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That rumoured villain will NOT be in BATMAN V SUPERMAN after all!

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SPOILER WARNING: While this article is actually refuting a rumor, and basically saying that something is NOT going to happen, some details could still be considered minor spoilers. Scroll down pass the poster at your own risk.


So remember that whole “Michael Shannon’s Zod is going to be Doomsday in Batman v Superman rumour that was going around for nearly the last two years? The one that stated that after Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) gets possession of General Zod’s corpse from Man of Steel, he would accidentally trigger a dormant Kryptonian retro-virus while searching for a means to defeat Superman, reanimating Zod’s corpse as the monstrous Doomsday? Yeah, it looks like it’s all wrong.

To be fair, the rumour had some compelling evidence: Shannon was spotted close to the set where the movie was filming, and the last trailer showed a glimpse of what appeared to be Zod’s corpse in Luthor’s posession. And of course, there was Shannon action completely bonkers (and very suspiciously).

But yesterday afternoon, a 3D character/Creature Artist at Moving Picture Company by the name of Sean Ray posted something on Instagram (via Batman-News), which completely blew the entire rumour out of the water. In a post that Ray has since deleted (it actually looks like his entire account is gone), the artist revealed that Batman v Superman, which he had been working on, was now a wrap. I made a screenshot of the post before it was deleted.


In the post’s comments section, somebody commented “Nice! So did you create the model for Doomsday??”. Which should come as no surprise as this rumour has been all over the internet and one of those unofficial truths for a while now. But then Ray responded, dooming this rumour.

“Hahaha lol unfortunately he’s not in the film, maybe in the man of steel sequel or justice league film who knows”

That’s pretty definitive. No Doomsday in Batman v Sequel. And the way that Ray has suddenly just disappeared off social media, you have to believe that this is legit and the Powers-That-Be were not too happy with him just blurting out details all over the web, and have essentially gagged him now.

Here’s the thing though: Doomsday probably was in Batman v Superman.


You may recall that last year another rumour about a superhero movie was also pretty definitive that Captain Marvel was going to show up in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, but that never happened either. The folks who reported on it swore that the script they saw contained the character. And as we learned recently from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel was indeed in the early drafts of the script but they removed her later on due to numerous reasons.

Umberto Gonzales of Heroic Hollywood, who broke this initial rumour, pretty much agreed on Twitter that this was probably the same thing that happened here, saying “Either misdirection or 3rd act did indeed change. Doomsday was in the script.”

But as has been pointed out in the Tweet’s comments though, the difference is that Captain Marvel would have been a cameo, whereas Doomsday was supposedly being positioned as the Darth Vader to Lex Luthor’s Emperor Palpatine. If he was indeed in the script, and played as big a role as was rumoured, then how did director Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio just work around him? And why is Michael Shannon visible in the trailer? Did he or did he not record new scenes for the movie? And if the former, which scenes could that have been, seeing as how’s dead?

There are just too many suspicious questions surrounding this for me to fully believe this dismissal of the rumour. Snyder has also been known to trick audiences using promo material, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Doomsday showed up after all. Hopefully just not with flipper hands.

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

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  1. Gives an excuse for a follow-on solo Superman movie. Maybe they learnt not to go overboard with too many “main” characters?


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