That's a nice bike you got there, ROBOCOP

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Bikes are awesome, according to me. Besides breakneck speeds in straight lines and the possibility of injury rocketing towards uninsurable levels when a person jumps on one, they’re also great for one other thing.

And that’s merchandising, because right now, I’m ready to blow my load of cash without any further thought if I see a Joel Kinnaman action figure straddling one of these magnificent beasts, based on the bike that he’ll be riding in the upcoming reboot.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we’ve got a look at “Alex Murphy’s main vehicle of choice”, a sleek and sexy motorcycle, because law-enforcing cyborg terrors from beyond the grave don’t need no Ford Taurus to get around old Detroit!

Plus, it must be a hell of a lot easier getting on and off that vehicle instead of a car, when wearing that armour. There’s no word yet as to whether or not it comes equipped with special guns, but it does a coolness factor of 11 so far.

And aesthetically, I pretty much dig it, even though it makes Kervyn weep like a toxic waste mutated sub-human moments before being splattered by a car.

Robocop is out next year August. The toy line though, probably much sooner.


Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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