The avatar returns in this new trailer for THE LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK TWO

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One of the best animated series of last year is returning for a second stab at greatness, as The Legend of Korra: Book Two is almost upon us. While the first season was meant to be a single series with a very clear beginning, middle and end, fan reaction and critical acclaim was so strong, that Nicklelodeon just had to order not one, but three more seasons/books of the adventures of the new Avatar.

And after saving the day in the first season, Korra is about to get all spiritual yo. 

That looks like a whole new tone and direction for Korra and co so far. Although I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for another cameo from the Cabbage salesman. Book two kicks off in September, and will see new characters introduced such as  Tenzin’s older waterbending sister Kya,Tenzin’s non-bending brother Bumi, Korra’s paternal uncle Unalaq and her first cousins, Desna and Eska.

Expect Korra to travel further in book two, while the origin of the first avatar himself will also be revealed.

Last Updated: July 23, 2013

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