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THE AVENGERS unused scenes reveal a more Waspy climax

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The Avengers is more than just a great film that wrapped up several films into one great package. It’s a satisfactory film as well. It was impossible to not leave the cinema and not be happy. Still, that didn’t stop folks from wanting more Avengers, but right now your options are limited. You can either rewatch the film yet again, watch that horrible cartoon series on Disney or sit down and wait for the sequel.

Or you could watch these unused animatics from the film.

Avengers storyboards (1)

Before principal photography really kicked off, director Joss Whedon and his crew had to go through multiple storyboards and animatics. Federico D’Alessandro, who we saw yesterday morning in some Iron Man 3 footage that was unused, also contributed to the film. The first clip, highlights some Iron Man action. And Tony Stark having his tin can ass handed to him by a cyborg that I have dubbed the mighty Quadriple-Jack.

A second animatic shows the opening scene where Loki destroys the complex housing the Tesseract, only this time with iron Man in hot pursuit.

Then we’ve got a reworked scene between Stark and Loki in the Avengers penthouse.

And then a very different final battle scene, that briefly features the Wasp.

It’s another interesting look at the process that goes on behind the scenes when making a film of this scale. Hopefully, more footage like this surfaces again soon.

Last Updated: August 28, 2013

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