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The Batman to make use of The Mandalorian’s Stagecraft technology

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With CGI becoming such a widely used technology in movies and allowing for some of the most outrageously immersive worlds to be filmed entirely in front of green screens, its practical for some movies to ditch expensive location shoots and film everything from the comfort of a small studio.

That StageCraft technology was used to stunning effect in The Mandalorian, and now Warner Bros. is going to be doing the same thing as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The Batman film will be making use of it for “pre-built” digital sets for the cast to perform in.

While no details on exactly what sort of scenes exactly will be produced with this technology, Industrial Lights and Magic chief creative officer Rob Bredow did confirm that an LED wall has already been constructed for the latest caped crusader movie:

[The] Holy Grail is that our entire workflow can go real-time with less waiting for big computers to process.

I love how technology is shaping the move back to more practical effects and allows for more real-time visual effect production rather than after a scene has been shot, as it gives directors more options to get the right look and feel for a project. Expect more productions to start making use of this technology in the near future.

Last Updated: October 22, 2020

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