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The Batman V Superman box office forecast is tracking okay

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There’s a lot of pressure riding on Batman V Superman: Just Juice right now. Massive amounts of star power, excessive special effects and a marketing campaign which would leave small nations close to a junk rating from Moodys make this movie a massive gamble for Warner Bros. It’s not just that Batman V Superman has to lay the groundwork for a Justice League movie, but that it also needs to justify those hundreds of billions of dollars spent on it.

Its been reported that the tussle between a dickish Kryptonian super-god stuck on Earth and a brooding billionaire psychopath who threatens to rip the penises off of mouthy talk show hosts will need to have a box office run that earns close to a billion dollars to be considered a success. That’s not impossible, given worldwide markets these days, as the bulk of that hopeful profit will probably come from European and Chinese markets.

But how is Batman V Superman going to fare on homeground, in the US of A?


According to Deadline, advance ticket sales for the Batman brouhaha point towards a domestic opening weekend of between $100-$140 million. That’s not bad at all. It is however slightly under projections from Warner Bros., who were aiming for a higher opening weekend considering that the film would be playing over the Easter holidays. Those forecasts also put it under the previous March titan, The Hunger Games, which made over $152 million on opening weekend.

For another comparison, Man of Steel earned over $116 million on opening weekend, although you’d imagine that seeing Superman come dangerously close to having his fist lodged in Batman’s reinforced skull would draw in a bigger crowd. Batman V Superman will probably still be a big hit, but it’s going to be a big fight to break a billion dollars on the way to the bank.

Last Updated: March 1, 2016


  1. Okay , I thought deadline posted a “prediction” by rival studios. That’s why it was published BEFORE the tickets went on sale.
    Seriously , you call yourselves journalists? Have you actually read the article from deadline or did you just see what you wanted to see?

    Early tracking for Batman V superman ( as early as the first day of selling the tickets ) pointed toward at least 158 million dollars opening weekend. So the rival studio’s prediction deadline posted with 140 million as tops has been proven wrong. Try to be accurate next time. Not that I’m expecting that from you. The way you wrote this article shows how careless you are, not to mention the way you described the movie … good day sir.


  2. Hybrid

    March 1, 2016 at 18:06

    I still believe this will make a lot more money than it’s currently tracking. We’ve seen in the past how inaccurate this tracking is, Jurassic World was tracking at 120 Mil and ended up making over 200 Mil and even Deadpool was around 70 mil and made a whole lot more than that.


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