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The battle to save the holidays is on in this trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2

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One of the surefire signs that the year has gone by far too quickly – although in the case of 2020, probably not quick enough – is the emergence of Christmas decorations on the stores and trailers for movies promising to give you all the festive cheer you can handle. Bah humbug!

And for Netflix, one of their big holiday offerings is the follow-up to their hugely successful The Christmas Chronicles. The imaginatively named The Christmas Chronicles 2 once again sees former mega-stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn take on the role of Mr and Mrs Klaus on another wild adventure, only this time with the fate of the entire North Pole and Christmas at stake. Though given my aversion to the holiday, I’m not exactly rooting for the good guys in this new trailer for the film:

Whereas the first film took place mostly in the real world, this time we are getting a full fantasy experience set mostly in the magical home of Santa himself. This at least brings a touch of freshness to the film, along with the higher stakes on offer this time around. Sadly, that is where the festive cheer ends though because despite what looks like some potentially fun action thrown in, we are still getting a very familiar and cliched experience that seemingly wastes the efforts of Russell, who is admittedly pretty good in the role. Still, we’ve seen worse and so as Christmas films go, this is likely to be one that is going to frustrate the adults a lot less than usual when the kids beg to watch it.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 sees family-friendly film veteran Chris Columbus step behind the camera, taking over from Clay Kaytis who directed the first film. This could partly be the reason why this movie is taking on a slightly different tone, though one that may end up being more appealing to kids as well. The film is scheduled to release on November 25th, which would probably serve as a big reminder for many when they see it showing in their Netflix feeds that Christmas is a month away and they better get on with that online Christmas shopping they have been meaning to do all year.

Last Updated: October 20, 2020

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