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The first fan reactions for BATMAN V SUPERMAN are online!

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By the time you read this, it will be less than 6 hours until I get to watch Batman v Superman. Normally, I would rub this early screening privilege in your faces (ain’t I grand?) but some people have already rubbed it in mine, as they got to attend the film’s official premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday night. There are still review embargoes in place so we won’t see any full reviews for a day or so, but that doesn’t apply to the fans who were in attendance and who took to social media to voice what they thought of the long awaited superhero throwdown.

And the verdict? Well, if the sampling of Twitter reactions gathered by CBM is to be believed, then not only did director Zack Snyder and co step up their game in a huge way after the mixed reactions of Man of Steel, but they may just have produced – and I quote – “the best superhero movie ever”. Holy hyperbole, Batman!


Whether these are just the very positively slanted kneejerk reactions of already hyped fans who just walked out of a massive movie event where the stars of this movie as well as many other DC Comics properties were in attendance – in other words, these may not be the most level headed of assessments – it’s still great to see such an enthusiastic response. (adding a bit to the legitimacy of these “fan” reactions though, one of them is actually from Ramin Setoodeh, Variety’s New York Bureau Chief).

And even if you were to be a bit more “realistic” and temper expectations accordingly, this still sounds way, waaaaay better than the overstuffed trainwreck some naysayers were predicting (not me though, I’m all aboard the hype train!).  Also, it seems that despite the initial ridiculous and unwarranted fanboy uproar about their castings, both Ben Affleck’s and – especially – Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman are hugely successful, which of course just bodes extremely well for the future of this cinematic universe.

Check out the Twitter reactions below.



Is it 14:30 yet?… How about now?! Seriously, why isn’t it 14:30 yet? I need this movie in my eyeballs now, and these lucky sods definitely are not helping! If you want to check out more reactions from the premiere as well as some pics and video from the event, then just check out the #BvSPremiere hashtag on Twitter.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens this coming Friday. Have you got your tickets yet?!

Last Updated: March 22, 2016

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