The first trailer for CHRIS TUCKER LIVE is uncensored and unbelievable

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If there’s one comedian that has been everywhere, it has to be Chris Tucker. He stole the show next to Ice Cube in Friday, he was Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element and he helped Jackie Chan save the day.

All of that, with a voice that could be mistaken for a Japanese dub of Dragon Ball Z. Tucker has been in the entertainment industry for ages now. And curiously, has never done a stand-up comedy gig. Until now that is.

Back in the spotlight thanks to recent scene-stealing spots in other movies, Tucker has teamed up with Netflix to record his own one man show. Here’s the trailer for it:

A man who needs no introduction, Chris Tucker is a comedy legend and is bringing his larger-than-life comedy to Netflix in his FIRST EVER stand-up special. Filmed in his hometown of Atlanta, nothing is off-limits as Tucker brings it home for the comedy special worth waiting for.

Netflix will debut Chris Tucker Live, on July 10 for all of its subscribers. And I’m curious to see more of Chris Tucker’s time spent dancing with Michael Jackson.

Last Updated: July 7, 2015

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