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The future of basketball is at stake in this trailer for Netflix’s High Flying Bird

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Steven Soderbergh is at it again, after coming out of a self-imposed film directing hiatus a few years ago with the release of Logan Lucky, he continues to work at a frantic pace. The Oscar-winning director with a penchant for high-pulse heist movies is this time taking aim at the NBA with upcoming Netflix film High Flying Bird.

This is not your typically sports drama though as it instead focuses on the business aspects of sport, which can often be even more exciting than the courtside drama. It follows Andre Holland as a sports agent caught in the midst of a lockout which saw the NBA players going on strike and the popular (and incredibly lucrative) tournament being delay as a result. It all sounds like boring board-room drama, but in true Soderbergh style, the newly dropped trailer for the movie remains incredibly energetic and moves at a brisk pace.

I don’t know much about basketball or the events that led to one of the biggest player strikes in history, but it does look like it could be an exciting movie to watch. Soderbergh movies are known for witty dialogue and frantic editing all of which are evident here ad remains one of the reasons why his movies are almost always extremely watchable. Add to the fact that the screenplay was written by Moonlight’s Tarell Alvin McCraney and you have even more reason to keep an eye on this one.

 High Flying Bird is the first of two Soderbergh Netflix movies with his upcoming Panama Papers drama the Laudromat also out on Netflix in the near future.  It is scheduled for release on February 8th.

Last Updated: January 18, 2019

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