The Grey redband trailer makes me want to watch it even more

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I first encountered Joe Carnahan’s work when he directed Ticker, one of the mini-movies that BMW made with Clive Owen as part of their amazing ad campaign in 2002. He went on to direct only four other features: Narc, Smoking Aces and The A-Team – all of which I enjoyed. So naturally my interest was piqued when I heard that he was doing a survival movie with Liam Neeson, a man that seems to increase in badassness the older he gets.

Now a new red band (it contains some naughty words) trailer has been released, and shows some of the viciousness that a group of men will have endure as they try to survive in a harsh Alaskan snowscape after their plane crashes, all the while being hunted by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

No, you’re not mistaken. You did indeed see a scene of Liam Neeson’s character taping broken bottle heads to his knuckles – like some kind of Hillbrow Wolverine cosplayer – so that he can punch a feral wolf in the face. Need I say more about why I want to see this movie?

Last Updated: January 25, 2012

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