The Lazygamer Podcast – Episode 006 : Fueled by Pizza

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Transformers 2, Broken arcade games, new consoles, R-rated games and more are the order of the day as we get together once more to discuss current events, the latest gaming news and robots.

  • Activision threatening Sony?
  • Magic the Gathering is Borked.
  • A new Microsoft console in 2010, really?
  • Mortal Kombat getting naughty again
  • Why Burnout made one of us sad this week
  • Castle Crashers has been played, like, a lot
  • Transformers 2
  • Movie license games
  • Our favorite robots

Mark also promised a link during the podcast, for information on the upcoming PC title Natural Selection 2, so anyone who is interested can check it out by clicking here.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

Video games writer, editor and critic since '08. Living and breathing video games, movies and cars since the 80s. Follow me on Twitter if you love tons of gaming talk, and @pennyworthrevs for fun stuff and links.

  • Anyone watching their bandwidth will be happy to know that we have further lowered the size of the podcast. This one runs longer than last weeks episode and still managed to be a couple MB’s lower. :biggrin:

  • It’s a paltry 29Mb. Nicely done!

  • Quite enjoying these. Very entertaining.

  • pantsula

    2 things. Where did you plaguerise (sp?) the theme song and please get out of the toilet roll next time, or check your reverb settings.

    • 1. It’s not plagiarised, it’s a custom made clip that was made from different sounds and music clips that come packaged with sound editing and podcasting software.. we can give you a MP3 of it if you like?

      2. We are working on the sound settings to try and get the file as small as possible while still decent quality, thanks for the comments

  • pantsula

    No prob, just heard those sounds and music in a couple of other podcasts

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