The new EVE online character creator is amazing, the clothing physics are even better

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I’m not really a fan of any MMO’s at the moment so when I received a tip about the new EVE online character creation tool it really did plummet to the bottom of the pile.

But I had some time on my hands so I booted up Youtube and took a look at the video of someone creating their character and was absolutely blown away. The amount of intricate detail you can now control in the character creation is absolutely amazing and something well worth watching.

I don’t think I would ever take this much time to make a character myself but the technology is fantastic and deserves to be applauded.


And amazingly that’s not the best part, I then stumbled onto a physics demo of the clothing, hair and walking ability of the new characters which is even more incredible.

Just watch how the clothes float around her and how perfect is that walk, super models would kill for that ability.

Now I gotta go find me some super strength man juice as I just found myself talking about clothing and a girls ability to walk.

Last Updated: January 19, 2011

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