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The Real and Extreme Ghostbusters cartoons are officially coming to YouTube

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2020 was supposed to be the year when a proton pack was powered on, a trap was set, and the familiar sound of a siren would blast forth across the streets of America’s sleepiest town. That’s…not happening. Ghostbusters Afterlife got slapped with a heck of a long delay in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving many a ghost-head aimless and without direction in life. Am I overreacting just because I’ve got a screen-accurate Ghostbusters kit gathering dust in my cupboard? No I am not, shut up mom.

Anyway, if you have to have some Ghostbusters content in your life and you don’t feel like being tricked by a lame-ass gorilla, good news! The official Ghostbusters YouTube channel isn’t just bringing the real paranormal exterminators to Google’s ad-infested service, it’s also going to be dropping episodes of the vastly superior EXTREME follow-up onto its channel as well!

New old episodes of The Real Ghostbusters will be uploaded on Saturdays, while Extreme Ghostbusters will pop up every Wednesday. The first animated incarnation of The Ghostbusters was good stuff at the time, arriving in 1986 when buzz for the original film was still red-hot and pulling the trigger on the neutrona wand as it grabbed millions of eyeballs with a charged protonic stream of surprisingly great content.

That version would run for three seasons, and then be rebranded to Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters for the remainder of its run as kids were in love with the gang’s grotesque phantasm that was always up to mischief. And happened to leave everything looking like the aftermath of a bukkake party. Don’t google that unless you want your day ruined, and if you do know what that means, shame on you.

With 140 episodes in the can and 33 Slimer-dedicated shorts, Sony’s animation department was on fire during the peak of Ghostbusters mania. Having Ray Parker Jr’s iconic theme tune for the franchise as the cartoon intro, certainly didn’t hurt the show’s chances either. That series wrapped up in 1991, but the brand would be back in 1997 back when Sony Animation was leveraging the hell out of its properties to surprising success.

Between Men In Black and Godzilla,Extreme Ghostbusters was another win. Starring a new generation of occult experts and one sarcastic slacker, the next generation of Ghostbusters felt fresh, exciting, and just extreme enough. Only one season of 40 episodes was made sadly, but it was a heck of a run that even featured a crossover with the original generation of revenant chasers that were ready to believe your wild claims of encountering ghosts.

As for Ghostbusters Afterlife? That’ll finally be out much later this year. The Ghost Busters, thankfully remains dead to this day.

Last Updated: February 10, 2021

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