The teaser trailer for Skyfall will have you taking pre-emptive action with James Bond

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The Bond film that almost never was, is just around the corner this year, as the weathered face of actor Daniel Craig gets ready for a third outing as the British super-serious, super-spy.

Sam “American Beauty” Mendes is bringing his artistic touch to the hard hitting spy franchise, that has Bond caught up in secrets from the past, revolving around his steely boss, M, who has been calling the shots from Bonds’ Walter PPK pistol since her debut in the 1995 franchise film, Goldeneye.

Bond has to deal with those threats, while preserving his own life in the process, as you can see for yourself in this shaken, stirred and explosive teaser trailer.

Skyfall hits our screens, October this year.

Last Updated: May 21, 2012

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