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The Time Lord has entered the trap in this new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR

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The Time of the Doctor (7)

To paraphrase that popular festive season ditty, all I want for Christmas is Who. And in just over two weeks time that’s exactly what I’m getting. It will be an extra special Christmas special for Doctor Who though, as we have to say goodbye to Matt Smith, arguably (and I’d be doing the arguing in favour of) the greatest man to ever explore all that timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff.

And based on this new trailer, he’s going out on one hell of an adventure. One that somehow involves wooden Cybermen?

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars – and amongst them, the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

“And now it’s time for one last bow like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s…”

Oh that is some rather clever wordplay in Clara’s voiceover to announce the departure of Smith, the 11th Doctor, and the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the 12th and – based on the documented regeneration limit that Time Lords have – final doctor.

Or should that be 13th if we count John Hurt? But then what about the regen limit? Or the fact that according to show runner Steven Moffat, Matt Smith is already the final Doctor and we’ve all just been counting the regenerations wrong? But if he’s the final Doctor, then how does Peter Capaldi fit in and my brain just melted and leaked out my face holes.

There certainly are quite a few questions that need answering in this Christmas Special, and based on the fact that it’s apparently going to take an army of all the Doctor’s worst enemies to get those answers, I’m expecting them to be massive.

I have my bow tie, I have my fez. My body is ready. Bring on The Time of the Doctor!

Last Updated: December 12, 2013

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  1. Wooden Cybermen, created by rogue carpenters from the trunks of corrupted Ents. Known for their unique catch-phrase, “Germinate!”


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