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The Uncharted movie delayed yet again

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The Uncharted movie delayed yet again 2

When it comes to entertainment, there are certain myths that we somehow keep believing, like that will finally be another good Aliens movie or that Half-Life 3 will be made one day. W could probably add that an Uncharted movie will be made to the list as well because the long-gestating project that has hit snag after snag has once again been delayed.

A recent tweet from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit (who tends to be pretty accurate with his sources) has revealed that the film’s release date of December 18, 2020, has now been moved to March 5, 2021. There is no official information why the movie has been delayed, though considering all the recent problems relating to director changes (6 directors have already come and gone) and scheduling, it’s unsurprising. In fact, once the movie does actually start production, I think we will probably end up more surprised.

The only thing that appears stable about this project that makes me think it may still happen is that Tom Holland remains on board to play Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg to play Victor Sullivan. Though I’m sure that’s only because their contracts have clauses that say as much and that could all change if they don’t actually start filming sometime soon. Any cancellation of the project though may also be received in a positive light as a oft-delayed movie with production issues tend to not end up good most of the time – with video-game adaptations even less so.

That isn’t the only news contained in the tweet though as Masters of the Universe film has been removed from the release calendar entirely. Whether that means the project has been cancelled indefinitely or just delayed to a point that Sony doesn’t want to commit to a date anymore is something that we will have to wait for official confirmation on.

Last Updated: January 27, 2020

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