The upcoming Bill Hicks doccie will remind you why we need to hunt down Billy Ray Cyrus

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Comedians are a dime a dozen these days, from the brilliant and dead (George Carlin) to the pathetic and still alive (I’m looking at you Carlos Mencia). One such brilliant, and decomposing funny man, was Bill Hicks.

Hicks was a more brazen and in your face comedian, especially in his time, as he combined strange philosophies with hard hitting truths and observations on life. Plus, he really couldn’t stand Billy Ray Cyrus, so that made him even more awesome in my book.

There’s a documentary on him coming out soon, and when you see it, you’ll wish that he was still around to comment on the lunacy of life today.

Hicks died of pancreatic cancer back in 1994, at the age of 32. The film is due out on DVD soon, or those of you with an iTunes account can give it a look over here.

Last Updated: May 3, 2012

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