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The WONDER WOMAN movies could span the 1920s and World War 2

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It’s taken forever, but the first lady of comics is finally getting the silver screen spotlight that she deserves. We’ve got a Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie on the way for 2017, which was presumed to be the typical fish out of water modern day movie featuring the Amazonian princess of power. Turns out we may be delightfully wrong, as this Amazon will be kicking around for a few decades more than most of us realised.

Wonder Woman 1

According to the rumour mill over at Bleeding Cool, the debut Wonder Woman movie will see Gal Gadot’s character warring with her fellow Amazons for control of their homeland, Paradise Island, before a man arrives on their shores and upsets the status quo. It won’t be regular Wonder Woman supporting character Steve Trevor though, as Wonder Woman joins him in his return trip to the world of man, which happens to be 1920s America.

Which sets a unique perspective for the film. While it’s tough being a lady today in an unequal world, the 1920s were even more one-sided, with the fairer sex only just managing to emerge victorious for something as simple as being allowed to cast a vote. That could make for a very interesting film then.

As for the sequel, the salt-pinching continues with that film apparently being set up to show Wonder Woman in action during World War 2. That ties back into the original comics, before the third film has her join up with the Justice League in the modern day. While the debut film sounds rock-solid, it’s the sequel that excites me the most.

The first Captain America film won me over on several levels, primarily because of the rip-roaring pulp action feel that it had with Cap and his Howling Commandos fighting HYDRA during several WW2 skirmishes. Translate that to Wonder Woman and you’ll have me completely sold.

Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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