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There are a lot of theories about this trailer for James Wan's DEMONIC

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It takes quite a lot for a movie to scare me, and I don’t have much time for gore-porn. But when it comes to horror movies lately, there’s definitely wan name I trust. Yes, that horrible pun is my way of saying that I’m a fan James Wan’s work. Since the original Saw, Wan has been skillfully giving horror its groove back, with proper creepy ghost stories like Insidious and The Conjuring. He may have traded in boo’s for vroom’s to helm Fast and Furious 7, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his scary roots.

Wan penned  and produced Demonic, which is helmed by reasonable newcomer Will Canon. If Canon’s lack of credentials is scaring you off, then you’ll be happy to know that despite Wan’s name, Demonic also boasts the always reliable Frank Grillo in the lead opposite just as reliable Maria Bello.

Admittedly, at first glance Demonic does appear a bit derivative – Wan has done the whole “ghost hunters being hunted by ghosts” thing before – but there’s still some potential here for some solid pants-wetting scares. Not that I do that sort of thing. I’m talking about a friend. Obviously. Ahem… just watch the trailer below.

Demonic centers on the aftermath of a horrific massacre where five college students were brutally murdered inside an abandoned home. Detective Mark Lewis and psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Klein question one of the few survivors who explains they were amateur ghost-hunters, seeking out paranormal phenomenon at the abandoned house, which was believed to be haunted. But what started out as a harmless activity turned into something truly terrifying.

Demonic was originally scheduled for December of last year, but was then pushed back to an undisclosed date in this year. This is kind of troubling seeing as how the movie was actually completed back in early 2013 already, and has just been sitting on the shelf since then. I’m sure the studio plans to release it eventually -both Wan and Grillo are too popular to just can this – but right now it’s anybody’s guess as to when that might be.

Last Updated: January 8, 2015

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  1. Dunno if this will scare me,The Babadook was about the only film where i had like chills,

    But i cant play horror games,then i freak out,even dead space was to hardcore for me,weird:/


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