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There's nothing straight-up about this trailer for A KIND OF MURDER

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Patrick Wilson is a non-devoted husband whose wife seemingly commits suicide in this R-rated twisting murder mystery set in the 1950’s – A Kind of Murder.

The official synopsis for the movie from its screening at the Tribeca Film Festival (via The Playlist) is:

Architect Walter Stackhouse (Patrick Wilson), crime novelist by night, is quite unhappily married to Clara (Jessica Biel), a successful real estate saleswoman. As Walter becomes fascinated by the case of Melchior Kimmel, a bookstore owner in New Jersey suspected of murdering his wife Helen, he begins to imagine what it might be like to murder his own wife.

In this faithful adaptation of the 1960s suburban thriller ‘The Blunderer’ written by Patricia Highsmith, the question of how we judge a person’s guilty conscience in the death of another plays a central theme. When Clara turns up dead, Walter starts to seem increasingly guilty as he finds himself at the unfortunate intersection of a conniving murderer and a resolute cop.

A Kind of Murder seamlessly combines philosophical musings on culpability with edge-of-your-seat Hitchcockian noir.

Following his recent turns in Space Station 76, Stretch and Fargo (the series), Patrick Wilson is becoming one of those actors I’m happy to watch in anything. He looks to be in fine form again here, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery either. Judging by the trailer this looks to be a particularly twisting one too, and even better – they didn’t reveal the ending in the trailer.

I don’t know about you but my money is on the mistress with a flat tyre on the bridge. What do you think?

Well it doesn’t matter what any of us think at the moment because despite its positive reception at both the Tribeca and Munich International Film Festivals, A Kind of Murder is still looking for a distributor – so unfortunately no release date as yet. Directed by Andy Goddard, it stars Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Haley Bennett and Vincent Kartheiser.

Last Updated: June 30, 2016

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