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These new PENNY DREADFUL promo videos will leave you without pain

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One of my favourite shows of last year was the surprisingly good Penny Dreadful, a series that really showed us that horror can make it to the small screen and still scare the hell out of you – I’m deliberately ignoring American Horror because after the first season things just got silly. I really enjoyed the characters, from the absolutely stunning Vanessa (played brilliantly by Eva Green) to the self-obsessed Dorian Grey (played by Reeve Carney) each character has their secrets, their past and their own battles that play into the bigger picture rather nicely. Well I’ve been itching for news of the second season and now we have it courtesy of Spoiler TV, with some pretty cool mini character explorations. Each one is just over half a minute and has them all repeat the same thing while making it their own. The cool thing here is how we are able to see different facets of their characters as the camera pans around, all very Matrixy* (*pending TM). Have a look and tell me you aren’t excited about the new season!

My future wife Eva Green is up first, with her intensity cranked up to 9000+ in episode two I really look forward to seeing what she has to offer in season 2.

Then is Frankenstein’s monster, played by Thespian Rory Kinnear. Great to see a new take on the ol monster. Don’t know whether to love him or… Well, love him!

Lastly we have Vampire Diaries, I mean, Reeve Carney as the enigmatic Dorian Grey, a man who’s link to a painting is a little more than obsessive…

This season we can see our motley crew of varying supernatural powers go up against Evelyn Poole (a.k.a. Madame Kali) who made her appearance in the first season as the medium who set our lovely Vanessa off in episode two (it’s worth watching just that episode if you don’t want to watch the whole season as it includes one of the best scenes ever to appear on TV if you ask me). Showtime President David Nevins went on to add a little more about our big bay this season:

“There’s a great antagonist next year played by Helen McCrory… Season 1’s antagonist was sort of an inhuman character. It’ll be good to have a more human antagonist.”

Of course the characters are what makes the show and the relationships and alliances forged in the first season will be investigated more as we move on:

 “This season Vanessa and Ethan face new challenges and old enemies, and turn to each other for solace. Their intimacy grows as they are forced to confront their demons together.” says John Logan, the series creator.

Well they had me at Eva. The cast in Penny Dreadful is truly a great one, with ex-Bond Timothy Dalton proving he can handle whatever you can throw at him and Josh Hartnett making a comeback of sorts the A+ acting cements this show as a must see, don’t believe me, then read more here!

Last Updated: April 17, 2015


  1. You had me at Eva.


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