This first trailer for the LETHAL WEAPON series is dangerous

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lethal weapon

The Lethal Weapon series of movies was arguably the best of the buddy cop genre. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover had certainly already been known by then, but it was Lethal Weapon that that turned them into iconic Hollywood action heroes. And damn was it fun! Which is when I heard they were making a series based on the late 80s movies I was like ‘Noooo!’, how could they match that?

However, after watching the recently released first trailer – with the rather amusing Clayne Crawford playing Gibson’s Martin Riggs and Damon Wayans playing Glover’s Roger Murtaugh – I am now I am actually rather hopeful. I also can’t believe Hollywood hasn’t taken this opportunity to reinvent the famous cinematic duo, perhaps changing the African-American for a lesbian Russian and making the Caucasian an anthropomorphic personification of a Big Mac. Yeah, call me old school but sometimes when one of my favourite movies is adapted I want it to stay close to its source material. And it would seem this show will. The trailer even shows the motivations of why Riggs is, well, more unstable than Trevor performing his circus balancing act and how his cavalier attitude is going to either get him arrested or killed along with his partner. Have a watch and see what you think!

That looks like loads of fun! I dare say the adaptation looks a little better than Fox’s other project, that being the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It also looks a hella lot better than that Rush Hour series (spits on floor). I have high hopes for this show which will hit the small screen in ‘Fall’ (no America, it’s AUTUMN).

Last Updated: May 17, 2016

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