This amazing new GODZILLA trailer and featurette will let them fight!

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If you’re the type of person who prefers to know relatively nothing about a movie’s plot before you see it, then you might want to skip this new, incredibly explosive Asian trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, as it clearly confirms a monstrous plot point that had only been strongly hinted at until now. A plot point that has just sent my excitement levels for this film to OVER 9000!

Yes, I do realize that I probably just made you want to click play on that trailer (Ain’t I a stinker?).

Don’t worry though, if your plot puritan beliefs still stop you from experiencing the awesomeness now along with the rest of us, there’s also a featurette on the monster’s iconic sound that you can check out which solves the age-old mystery of what a Godzilla impersonation by Bryan Cranston would sound like.

Godzilla stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche and will be roaring into cinemas on 16 May, 2014.

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

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