This new trailer for HEROES REBORN is not safe

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I wasn’t exactly kind to the first trailer for Heroes Reborn, the upcoming event-series sequel/reboot to the once-great TV series from a decade ago. For a show about the extraordinary, the trailer made it look anything but. Butt. It looked like ass, is what I’m saying. But maybe my judgement was a little too quick, as a new trailer for the show debuted at Comic-Con this weekend past, and it makes it look way better.

This new preview shows us a hell of a lot more of the action along with the main plot scenario, which is that the Evos – evolved humans – are now being hunted by shady forces, and despite the fact that there are now thousands of them, they’re mostly in hiding. The trailer also sets up some intriguing mysteries, introduces more new characters that actually look badass (who woulda thunk it, hey Zachary Levi?) and even throws in one very unexpected old face. And no, I’m not talking about old sword-wielding Hiro. Though he’s there too.

Check it out below.

Heroes Reborn is scheduled for 13 episodes and will premiere on September 24, 2015.


Last Updated: July 14, 2015

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