Home Entertainment This new TV spot and featurette for JASON BOURNE should not be put down

This new TV spot and featurette for JASON BOURNE should not be put down

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Jason Bourne will see Matt Damon (Matt Damon) returning as – you guessed it – Jason Bourne at the end of next month; with the ex-Treadstone agent reemerging from hiding to tackle another CIA-led plot. Naughty scamps they are, always with the plots.

Anyway here’s a new TV spot for the upcoming movie which, while the trailers have been reasonably circumspect, drops a pretty big plot spoiler – so view at your own risk:

A new program, presumably to create new agents in the mould of Bourne? Interesting. I’m guessing the old agent will have to prove he’s not obsolete (10 internet points for the reference) by going up against them.

They’ve also released a featurette on the upcoming movie, talking briefly about the character and the franchise which has been going for over a decade now:

Up until today I actually hadn’t watched anything related to Jason Bourne (you can catch the first trailer here), but after seeing just this brief TV spot and some of the scenes from the featurette I’m suddenly a lot more interested in seeing this third of the JB spy trinity in action again. How about you?

Jason Bourne is due for release in the US on 29 July. Directed once again by Paul Greengrass, it stars Matt Damon (Matt Damon), Julia Styles, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones (we’ve got a fugitive on the loose!) and Vincent Cassel.


Last Updated: June 8, 2016

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