This Red-Band trailer for HEMLOCK GROVE Season 2 is giving me the creeps

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I’ve yet to see the first season of Hemlock Grove, the Eli “Hostel” Roth produced horror series on Netflix, despite the fact that it stars an X-Man in Famke Janssen and almost X-Man in Dougray Scott. And based on the buzz I heard, not only is it a “balls to the wall” kind of show, but there’s a fairly good chance I probably missed out on a whole lot of actual balls being hammered to actual walls in the most gruesome way possible.

And if you’re a fan of the bloody WTF and have no intention on getting a peaceful night’s sleep tonight anyway, then go ahead and check out this new NSFW Red-Band trailer for the show’s second season, which appears to be even more messed up.

All 11 episodes for Season 2 of Hemlock Grove will be available on Netflix as from July 11, 2014.

Last Updated: June 13, 2014

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