This teaser for BLUNT TALK will leave you gasping for air

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One of my all time favourite actors is Sir Patrick Stewart. A man who can act on the bridge of a starship screaming out “Make it so” and one who can embody the melancholy of Macbeth, the man is versatile! So it is with utter glee (I am literally squeeing now) that I can tell you he’s decided to do a ‘Hugh Laurie’ of Dr House fame and act as a drug addicted megalomaniac news caster. I mean what more can you ask from the bald chap!? It is certainly putting him in a role most people have not seen him in and perhaps he is deliberately choosing these roles, what with his appearance in Green Room as a lunatic Neo Nazi too! I like this new side of the actor. Have a look at the teaser trailer and let us know what you think. Can he step away from the ‘always good guy’ and run with a role of utter manic news reader?

Now THAT looks like it could be a load of fun. Also, Stewart has the awesome mind of Seth MacFarlane as Producer and director Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death) to help things along. The series is set to start in the summer of 2015 and I cannot wait!


Last Updated: March 30, 2015

Nick Reay

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