This trailer for A BEAUTIFUL PLANET is out of this world

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Just 24 hours after astronaut Scott Kelly came back from his almost 365 days (the longest a NASA astronaut has spent up there) in orbit and we are treated to a spectacle that makes me think we stand a chance as a human species. Then I remember Trevor is among us and give up. Putting that aside IMAX is set to release A Beautiful Planet where you get to see (I doubt FEEL) what our intrepid planet escapers get to see, and it looks LOVELY. From the vantage point of those souls up on the ISS you get to see our planet in a whole new light. The movie explores the beauty we often neglect to acknowledge on a scale that should blow your mind (or your afternoon’s lunch). It’s also in 3D at the IMAX which I swear is the only place that medium of movie should be. Yes, that is a bunch of cool reasons to see it, but wait, there’s more! It’s narrated by my girlfriend the awesome Jennifer Lawrence! How’s that for an out of the world experience, no? Guys? GUYS?!

Here’s what to expect:

A Beautiful Planet is a breathtaking portrait of Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet — and the effects humanity has had on it over time — captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

From space, Earth blazes at night with the electric intensity of human expansion — a direct visualization of our changing world. But it is within our power to protect the planet. As we continue to explore and gain knowledge of our galaxy, we also develop a deeper connection to the place we all call home. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence and from IMAX Entertainment and Toni Myers — the acclaimed filmmaker behind celebrated IMAX® documentaries Blue Planet, Hubble 3D, and Space Station 3D — A Beautiful Planet presents an awe-inspiring glimpse of Earth and a hopeful look into the future of humanity.


We have a future! It says it right there! So buy buy buy! I am always excited when movie documentaries like this come out and as this is also directed by Toni Myers (who made the brilliant Hubble 3D) I think we can expect great things. Movies like this are important, they help us to remember why we all recycle, drive hybrid cars and only eat fruit and nuts that have already fallen off their respective growth mechanisms, am I right people?!

A Beautiful Planet launches (get it!) on 29 April.

Last Updated: March 3, 2016

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