This trailer for DIRTY GRANDPA will party some babies into you!

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dirty grandpa

In the last few years, Robert De Niro has often been accused of sleep-acting his way through horrible movies just to cash a check. Whether Dirty Grandpa (not to be confused with Jackass’ Bad Grandpa) is as bad as some of the stinkers he’s put out recently or whether its actually good is still up for debate right now, but at lease we know that De Niro is putting in a physical effort this time. And by that I mean willing to stand topless next to Zac Efron – one looks like he’s been carved from marble, while the other looks like he’s been carved from a loaf of wet bread.

Dramatically contrasting physiques aside, this new comedy from Dan Mazer (Borat, Ali G) does also boast a minxy Aubrey Plaza and that is never a bad thing. The film sees Efron as an uptight guy, about to marry his boss’ controlling daughter, who is forced to take his raucous grandpa (De Niro) on a roadtrip to Florida on the eve of his wedding. Cue the obligatory Spring Break jokes, “straight guy does drugs” gags and all the other usual staples of the genre as Dirty Grandpa appears to stick pretty rigorously to an established formula.

Maybe an uncensored red-band trailer would sell this better, but for now this is all we have and it looks okay at best. Check it out below.

Bad Grandpa is scheduled for release internationally on January 22, 2016.


Last Updated: October 30, 2015

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