This trailer for HBO's new comedy series VICE PRINCIPALS is in your face

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Vice Principals two

Fans of Eastbound & Down rejoice! Series creators Danny McBride (who also starred) and Jody Hill are reuniting for a new dark comedy on HBO called Vice Principals. McBride will co-star alongside Walton Goggins (Justified, The Hateful Eight) as the two unlikable, petty authority figures vie against each other.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

A dark comedy series about a high school and the two vice principals. McBride and Walton Goggins star as the V.P.s who are an in epic power struggle, vying for the top spot: to be school principal.

When it comes to comedies I’m a fan of the absurd – where they mix ridiculous situations and characters with snappy dialogue and sight gags, think something like Better Off Ted – and Vice Principals is heading in that direction. It’s also a fine line to tread between the ridiculous and the just silly, but McBride and his co-writer Hill have done it before. I’m also keen to see Goggins hamming up his usual good ol’ Southern boy routine in a comedy. How about you?

Vice Principals is set to premiere on HBO in July, and run for two nine-episode seasons. In addition to McBride and Goggins, it stars Georgia King, James Alcorn, Kimberley Herbert Gregory and Edi Patterson.

Vice Principals poster

Last Updated: March 11, 2016

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