This trailer for THE ANOMALY is either crazy or telling the truth

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I first met Noel Clarke as Billie Piper’s sorta-boyfriend, Mickey, who got eaten by an anthropomorphic rubbish bin in the first episode of the modern incarnation of Doctor Who. He’s moved up since then (and I’m not just referring to him being regurgitated by the rubbish bin), not only scoring minor roles in a few blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness, but also becoming a filmmaker in his own right. He’s dabbled in both serious drama/thrillers (Adulthood4.3.2.1), and the type of medium-budget English sci-fi that made his name (Storage 24).

And its in that latter wheelhouse that we find him again for The Anomaly, an intriguing looking sci-fi thriller also starring Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder, Project X‘s Alexis Knapp and yet another Hemsworth brother for fans to gawk at.

Traumatised ex-soldier Ryan wakes up in the back of a van, alongside a kidnapped boy. Ryan helps him escape but when he finds a mask in his pocket he comes to an appalling realisation…. But there’s no time to act – after nine minutes and forty seven seconds of consciousness it all goes black. What does this have to do with Ryan’s past as a patient at the experimental Medical Unit? Ryan has a lot of questions, and very little time to find any answers.

I’m really not sold on how this trailer is cut, especially when the loud electro music starts thumping in the second half, but underneath it all there appears to be an intriguing story that should be worth a distraction. That and Alexis Knapp’s derriere.

PS: In case you’re a fan of the UFC and think you’re going crazy: Yes, that actually was Middleweight veteran Michael Bisping you saw briefly there.

The Anomaly releases in the UK on July 4, 2014. No other release dates have been set yet.

Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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