This trailer for THE GIFT will leave you crying Simon Says

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I do love thrillers. I also like thrillers in the vein of the The hand that Rocks the Cradle or Misery, you know, the obsessive type of lunatics that could very well be someone you know, like Kervyn for example… The Gift (no, not the supernatural 2000 movie of the same name) comes from writer and director Joel Edgerton (Warrior) who also plays the far too ‘clingy’ friend alongside Jason Bateman (Arrested Development)  and Rebecca Hall (Transcendence). I suppose if you let in a friend you can’t remember from your past you might be asking for trouble, which is why I have never entertained the idea of having any friends at all. At least I am safe! The Gift is not the most original of ideas but with Oscar nominee Producer Jason Blum (Whiplash) behind it you can be sure it’s going to be something special. Have a watch of the trailer and remember to never invite in old chums who you can’t quite remember:

Looks like fun, don’t you think? The Gift is set to land on 31 July. Interestingly the The Gift is known in Hollywood as Weirdo, which I find rather ironic…

Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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