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This trailer for THE WOODS promises a new beginning for horror films

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Its Friday 13th, so its only appropriate that we post news about a horror film today or it just won’t be complete. And that this film is claiming to be ‘a new beginning for horror films’ and ‘one of the scariest film you  will ever see’, it certainly gets our attention. Or is otherwise just setting us up for yet another disappointment.

When it comes to horror films, there is reason to be skeptical. There have been few innovative horror films over the years and most rely on the same tactics to create their scares. And even when innovative ways of creeping people do come out, like with Paranormal Activity, they get instantly copied too many times and become stale.

The film that is making those claims is The Woods and sees acclaimed horror director Adam Wingard, who has made films such as the V/H/S anthology, You’re Next and recently The Guest. For this one he will be returning to the found footage formula that he used in V/H/S and hoping to show that he has improved in his craft even more. Personally, I’m not a big fan of found footage films and find it difficult to get really engaged and frightened by them, but based on the reaction from people who have seen the film, it certainly seems like this one could be quite unnerving.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much and is certainly not the scariest thing you will ever see, but it could all just be the quiet before the storm of a film that will hopefully achieve something new to the genre. The film is written by Simon Barrett and produced by the stellar horror team of  and set for release on August 16th.

So, will you be brave enough to don a second pair of pants and go watch this film?

Last Updated: May 13, 2016

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