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This trailer for VANISH calls shotgun!

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Ever since Liam Neeson realised that misplacing his family with Eastern-Europeans was a lucrative business filled with sequels, just about every action movie star past their prime have been trying to get a piece of that specific skillset pie. But ain’t none of them as bad as Danny Trejo. Despite having shrunk in half since his Desperado Days, Trejo is still the kind of man who can split speeding bullets in half just by looking at them. And he’ll be doing just that and more in VANish.

Hoping to score a hefty ransom, three thugs viciously kidnap a drug cartel boss’ only daughter from her home in broad daylight. The captors imprison the young woman in their van, dictate terms to her notorious father, and then travel to the outskirts of the desert for the exchange. What the amateurs don’t realize is that their victim is a force to be reckoned with on this violent road trip full of murder and mayhem. It’s hell on wheels as time ticks away and the pressure mounts. The kidnappers find themselves in increasing danger from the police, hit men and crime bosses, and must find a way to keep their plan in order before all hell breaks loose.

In case you didn’t guess it, VANish is about as straight to DVD as things can get, where it’ll most likely be joined by a series of Steven Seagal films that have cashed in way too late on this current action movie trend. VANish also stars Maiara Walsh and Tony Todd. It’ll be getting violent at the end of the month.

Last Updated: February 2, 2015

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  1. Now we just need a T4ken/VANish crossover O_o


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