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Those silver bullets ain't cheap, as THE LONE RANGER goes way over budget

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Looks like a new trend is starting to emerge in Hollywood. Big budget films are starting to fall way behind schedule, or are requiring reshoots and new footage, something which GI Joe Retaliation and World War Z have highlighted as of late.

And now, we’re starting to worry about the upcoming western, The Lone Ranger, which has similar issues plaguing it right now.

Gore Verbinski’s Arnie Hammer and Johnny Depp starring cowboy film has already had a tenuous ride through development hell, with Disney putting the project on hold at one point, due to the fact that it would have required a budget of $250 million to produce.

Disney trimmed back that budget before allowing Verbsinki to carry on with production, but with the film now behind schedule, and with other environmental issues causing all manner of problems, the budget has once again soared, possibly past that mark.

According to THR, weather disruptions have caused numerous hassles on the set, as shooting in the desert has become a problem, while Verbinski’s choice to actually build old-timey Trains, instead of just hiring a few existing ones, have also led to budget problems.

Add to that, the fact that the script may need to be rewritten once again, while so late in the game, and you have one troubled film being developed. It’s not too difficult to see why Disney is hesitant to throw money at another big ideas film, with their last such production, John Carter of Mars, barely making back the cash spent on it at the box office.

But it’s not really reassuring to see such a beloved property in jeopardy at the moment, and it’s starting to look quite likely that the Lone Ranger is going to be joining the delayed club, at this rate.


Last Updated: June 14, 2012

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