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We have to do it together in this trailer for MAX STEEL

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For those of you unfamiliar with Max Steel, the character is actually based on a toy line from the early 2000s. And not just any toy line like G.I Joe, Master of the Universe or Transformers, but one that was not exactly hugely popular. So, the fact that it is getting made in to a movie is somewhat of a mystery, unless the toy company is planning a relaunch or something. Below is a reminder of the TV spots for the toy – to refresh your memory:

There was animated show that was made when the toys first came out that aired for several seasons, but not much has been heard from the toy line since. However, if you were a fan of the toys when they came out (I’m pretty sure Darryn still has the entire collection hiding somewhere), then you are in luck – as the international trailer for the movie has just been released. Yes, they are making a movie about an unpopular toy line – potential box office bomb anyone?

Originally Taylor Lautner had been attached to the project, but he wisely dropped out, which put the production on halt for a while. Director Stewart Hendler (Sorority Row) kept on it for some reason though and eventually cast Ben Winchell as Max, a teenager who combines with an alien robot thingy called Steel to become a superhero named…wait for it…Max Steel. Deep, isn’t it.

You can view the trailer below:

And the trailer is pretty much what you would expect based on everything you’ve just read. Not very good. Some things that weren’t a big success are best left alone, this is one that falls into that category. Based on the cheap FX in the trailer though, you could argue that its budget is probably not terribly big. So, the film may not actually require much to make a profit, from those handful of fans looking to watch this.

Max Steel releases in US theaters on October 21, 2016

Last Updated: August 23, 2016

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