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Tom Hanks to write and star in upcoming WWII maritime drama GREYHOUND

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It seems Tom Hanks is getting that Hollywood charm going once more. He used to be the most reliable leading man in Hollywood, with almost everything he touched guaranteed to be a hit, before he hit a lull several years ago. However after many middling films, he seems to be back. In the past three years he has appeared in several stellar films. Captain Philips (which he was unlucky not to get an Oscar nomination for), Bridge of Spies and Saving Mr Banks all featured brilliant performances on his part. And now his latest film Sully, is also receiving good reviews and winning at the box office.

And with this current form he is in, it makes sense that whatever he is looking to star in for the future should be getting some strong attention. And for this next film, he appears to be hitting familiar territory in genres he has already mastered all too well – World War II and being stuck out at sea. The film Greyhound, according to Deadline, is about a career officer finally given command of a Navy destroyer, who along with the enemy, fights his self-doubts and personal demons to prove he belongs.


It certainly seems like one of those typical setups for another resounding performance by the actor. However, what makes this film different from all the others is that Hanks actually wrote the script himself. So it’s more of a passion project for him than the other films he typically stars in.

The film is due to be directed by Aaron Schneider (Get Low) and produced by Hanks’ production company Playtone, with Gary Goetzman. Aside from these details, we don’t know anything further about the film. As it’s only entering pre-production now, it doesn’t have a release date set as yet. Greyhound has had a $30 million+ budget green lit though, so the studio is definitely willing to put money into the idea. Expect to hear more on it in the near future.

Last Updated: September 12, 2016

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