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Tony Kgoroge of Cold Harbour wins BEST ACTOR award!

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In a role written especially for the South African actor, Tony Kgoroge, along with Timbuktu star Ibrahim Ahmed, shared the Best Actor award at the Durban International Film Festival.

“The best actor award is shared between an actor who is established and commanding and a newcomer who is unforgettable. Both give soulful and compelling performances and are enviable collaborators with the filmmakers they work with,” said the Durban jury.

 Tony was picked out for his gritty portrayal of Khayelitsha policeman Sizwe Miya who uncovers a Triad abalone smuggling ring. Carey McKenzie’s Cold Harbour is his first leading role in a South African feature film for Tony and his efforts have garnered him with praise form The Sunday Times, who said the movie was “superbly inhabited on screen by the charismatic Tony Kgoroge.” “ Cold Harbour will leave you with a warm feeling towards local movies and Tony Kgroge shines like a star.”  The Sunday Independent  also commented.

Tony was first tipped to be the next big thing by Variety for his role in Clint Eastwood’s Invictus alongside legend Morgan Freeman. More recently his role as former ANC Secretary General Walter Sisulu in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom also received a lot of positive feedback.

“In most of the parts I’ve played, my character has been politically-driven or very sad or a lover boy, so it’s very exciting to be playing such a different role, where I get to be more physical and macho,” says Tony. “It must be every actor’s dream to be the action hero; it’s something I’ve been dying to do for years.

Interestingly, Tony also does all his own stunts in Cold Harbour

“You rehearse everything so carefully, but when you get into a scene, the adrenaline takes over and things go crazy,” he says. “Doing your own stunts is one of the best things an actor can ever do. It keeps you in touch with your character.”

Kervyn had some great things to say about the movie but added that its last act lost a little momentum. Read his review of Cold Harbour and see if you agree.

Watch the trailer below.

Last Updated: July 30, 2014

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  1. I thought he was great in Long Walk and actually managed to get a picture taken with him 🙂 So will be supporting the okie! Really nice dude as well.


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