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Top List Thursday – Top 20 actors whose characters should all team up – Part 2

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Last week we gave you guys Part 1 of our list of actors who should have some of their most famous characters team up. Why? Well, because we have way too much time on our hands and come on, who wouldn’t want to see Rambo and Rocky team up? So without further ado, here’s the final 10 entries on our list.

  • Clint Eastwood

The Team: Man With No Name (Dollars Trilogy), Josey Wales (The Outlaw Josey Wales), Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry series), Bill Munny (Unforgiven), Frank Horrigan (In The Line of Fire), Pvt. Kelly (Kelly’s Heroes), Mitchell Gant (Firefox)

There is pretty much nothing that this group of Men With No Names (okay, so they actually have names, but work with me here) cannot shoot down. Blessed with a godlike skill with a handgun – and sometimes they’ll stop to tell you all about said gun before blowing you away – Team Magnum Force is an unstoppable army of bullets and squinty eyes. And when straight up gunfights won’t cut it, they also have a sneaky war veteran to strategize everything. And when that doesn’t work out, there’s a guy in a super-fast experimental jet who can rain down hell and destruction from the skies. And if somehow you still manage to get through all that, the team has their very own bullet shield who will happily throw himself in front of any danger for his compadres!

  • Angelina Jolie

The Team: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 1 & 2), Maleficent (Maleficent), Evelyn Salt (Salt), Jane Smith (Mr & Mrs Smith), Fox (Wanted), Tigress (Kung Fu Panda), Acid Burn (Hackers)

There’s simply nowhere you can hide from this team once they’ve set out to teach you a listen. Hide behind a wall, they’ll just bend bullets around it to get you. That’s when they’re not just somersaulting in for some Tiger palm action. Or just straight shooting you the hell up. So run, if you want but it’s totally useless. They’ll track you through cyberspace and enchanted forests. Hell, you’re not even safe once you die, because even your tomb will be found and raided. And all because you wanted Brad Pitt to go back to Jennifer Aniston.

  • Sylvester Stallone

The team: Rambo (Rambo series), Rocky Balboa (Rocky), Judge Joseph Dredd (Judge Dredd), Gabe Walker (Cliffhanger), Ray Breslin (Escape Plan), Ray Quick (The Specialist), Marion Cobretti (Cobra)

Yo, Adrian! We love you! Also, we are da law! And don’t forget that we can take down Russian attack choppers with just a bow and arrow, can literally get over any obstacle – no matter how big – that you in front us. We can also escape just about any situation you put us in, and the ones we can’t escape we just blow sky-high and make it look like an awesome. Oh and we have a really cool car and bike. That counts for a lot!

  • Tom Cruise

The Team: Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible series), Maverick (Top Gun), Nathan Algren (The Last Samurai), Jack Reacher (Jack Reacher), Cage (Edge of Tomorrow), Vincent (Collateral), Chief John Anderton (Minority Report), Les Grossman (Tropic Thunder)

I want you to think of all the ways you can possibly beat Team Power Run. Ha! You can’t, because if you did this team would know about it before you even did it and would show up on your doorstep to deliver a can of superspy, jet-fighting, sword swinging, tough guy posturing, exo-skeleton powered, sociopathic whoop ass! Oh and also lots of shouting and swearing. Maybe some sweet dance moves. Your couch will definitely not be the same again, that’s for damn sure.

  • Bruce Willis

The Team: Det. John McClane (Die Hard series), Butch Coolidge (Pulp Fiction), David Dunn (Unbreakable), Korbin Dallas (Fifth Element), Jackal (The Jackal), Gen. Joe Colton (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), Dr. Malcolm Crowe (The Sixth Sense)

They may be constantly be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this team definitely has the right men. The right men, that is, to run around barefoot as they shoot up skyscrapers or maybe swing katanas as they transport wristwatches (not in their butts!). Okay, so that last trait isn’t that useful in a firefight, but who cares because this team also boast somebody with honest to goodness invulnerability, a guy whose girlfriend is a kung-fu fighting Divine being, a super-killer who can become just about anybody, a walking action figure and ghost who can just sneak in anywhere without being seen. Yippie-ki-yay, motherf@#$er!

  • Russell Crowe

The Team: Maximus (Gladiator), Jor-El (Man of Steel), Noah (Noah), SID 6.7 (Virtuosity), Robin Longstride (Robin Hood), Cort (The Quick and the Dead), Bud White (L.A. Confidential), Russell Crowe

Spanning the very breadth of space and time, this team – codenamed A Murder of Crowes – boasts an inspirational leader and accomplished military tactician who’s a deft hand at the sword, a super smart scientist with some alien martial arts and a pet spacedragon, a guy who literally has God watching over him, a homicidal maniac bred inside a computer, a rebel who can put an arrow in your cornea from across a field, a gunslinger so fast that he can kill you before you he was actually in that movie and a volatile cop who shatters furniture with his bare hands for fun. And then there’s their secret weapon: An angry New Zealand actor who rules every set he’s on with an iron fist, snarling accent and any aerodynamic telecommunication device at hand. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

  • Harrison Ford

The team: Han Solo (Star Wars Original Trilogy)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Quadrology), Rick Deckard (Blade Runner), Richard Kimble (The Fugitive), Jack Ryan (Patriot Games/Clear and Present Danger), President James Marshall (Air Force One)

This team has saved galaxies from Force-wielding fetishists and count superpowered guys with laser swords as his friends, discovered and vanquished supernatural evil, tracked down and stopped killer robots, stayed one step ahead of a manhunt led by Tommy Lee Jones and Iron Man and foiled several terrorist plots including one by Sean Bean (Spoiler: He died). When it comes to the wide array of skills and resources at their disposal, there’s very little that can come close to Team Ford. There’s just one problem: They all tend to buck authority. It’s a good thing then that they’re led by greatest US President in movie history, and if you don’t agree with that sentiment, you can get the hell off his plane!

  • Chris Evans

The Team: Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Marvel movies), Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch (Fantastic Four movies), Nick Grant (Push), Curtis (Snowpiercer)

Welcome to team Super Superhero Factory, where just being a normal human being just won’t do. You might say that “hey, that Curtis guy who lived on that really long train in the future is normal”, but was he really? I mean, yes, genetically, he was your run of the mill homo-sapien, but when it comes to temperament, unwavering ambition and just general aptitude with an axe, Curtis certainly stands above most. But hey, even if he was just a boring old nobody it still wouldn’t matter, because have you met his friends Mr Super Soldier, Mr Walking Supernova and Mr I Move Things With My Mind? They may be a small unit, but you best stay on their best side unless you want a white-hot shield telekinetically wedged right up your butt crack.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Team: T-800 (The Terminator Trilogy), Conan (Conan the Barbarian), Dutch (Predator), John Matrix (Commando), Harry Trasker (True Lies), Jack Slater (Last Action Hero)

We have everything from time-traveling robots from the future to unstoppable barbarians who know what’s good in life to badass mercs who take on alien hunters in knife fights to one-man army soldiers to secret agents to super-spies who shoot people with rockets from fighter jets. That’s already an outright unbeatable team, ready for just about any encounter, right there. But on the off-chance that somehow that still isn’t enough to do whatever job is needed, you also have a hand-cannon packing cop whose reality literally revolves around him so that he’ll never die and always get his target in the coolest way possible.

And now that you’ve seen all of our suggestions, who do you think should team with themselves? Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t count since he’s practically made a career out of this.

Last Updated: November 6, 2014


  1. RinceThis

    November 6, 2014 at 13:26



  2. Wayne Bossenger

    November 6, 2014 at 17:22

    That’s 9, unless Jean CvD is 10?

    I’d have Mel “mad” Gibson in there:
    Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon series), William Wallace (Braveheart), Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore (We Were Soldiers), Benjamin Martin (The Patriot), Max Rockatansky (Mad Max series), Rocky the Rhode Island Red Rooster (Chicken Run) and that Reverent Graham Hess (Signs).

    You’ve got a brave yet stark raving mad action star that is also intelligent, strategic, honourable and seemingly transparent to bullet fire. No matter the era or fowl (hehe) type of bad guy, you’ve got the action star for it! He’ll lead you to glory and freedom, and deliver one hell of a speech while doing it! They’ve seen some pretty strange things… maddening things… alien things… and when all the bad guys are in the ground, they have a holy man in their ranks to give them their last rights.

    They may take his sanity but they’ll never take his… oscars?


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